This game is by xxwillowstarxx.

How To Play Edit

Before you play, there will be a screen with a gray cat with blue eyes winking. It will say "Welcome to: Warriors: The Game! (Click green flag twice)". There will be a button saying "Start". Click that button, and you will find a lot of cats. The first cat to talk will be a red one, and she will ask for your name. When you say your name, your name is now the name you chosekit. She will ask if your cat is a boy or a girl. If your cat is a boy, say tom, and if your cat is a girl, say she-cat. One brown cat will ask you what you think Sandstorm told him. The answer is he was named by a dead queen. One cat will ask you if you want to play a game, or chat. There is also one tiny cat, asking if he can go outside. After three days, you will need to go to Tallledge at Sunhigh. Your name will now be the name you chosepaw. Your mentor will be Lionblaze. TO BE CONTINUED