Make Your Sprite Spin is a video in a series of video tutorials under the Help tab on the Scratch main head bar. It describes how to use the Turn () Degrees blocks to make a sprite spin. The video is 1 minute and 31 seconds long.

Transcription Edit

[0:00] In this video, we will make our sprites spin.

[0:08] Let's find out how this is done.

[0:10] To begin it, I will grab the turn block from the blocks palette.

[0:18] Then, I will click on the Events link and I will grab the green flag block.

[0:25] After that, I will snap these two blocks together and run this project.

[0:29] Each time I click on the green flag, the sprite turns by 15 degrees in the clockwise direction.

[0:35] This is fine, but I want to make this project a bit more interesting by making the sprite spin around in a loop.

[0:43] To do this, I will click on the Control link and grab the forever block.

[0:55] The forever block is a little different than the blocks we've been using this far. It has a beginning and an end.

[1:02] I will drag the turn block and snap it within the forever, and then I will snap the forever with the green flag block.

[1:10] Now if I hit the green flag, the sprite will spin around forever.

[1:14] To make the sprite stop, hit the red stop button.

[1:20] Finally, what do you think will happen if I add a move block within the forever? Feel free to change the number of steps the sprite moves forward to see really interesting results.

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