NOTE: I decided to keep the idea of getting a love-it by joining the wiki, but you have to make atleast 5 edits :).

Now in the project, it's fine, but I'm in the middle of making all of the information/content. I have to use multiple pages of text, because of the disappearing-text glitch, which means the only way is to have large text. Here's the current content:

  1. (Cool intro, with read more buttons)
  2. Page #1: The Scratch Programming* Wiki, is for sharing knowledge about Scratch. On the Scratch Programming Wiki, you can share all of your information about blocks, techniques, and the website! *By Programming, it's only referring to how it's a programming language - you can still put art and animation techniques and such!
  3. Page #2: The Scratch Programming Wiki has a very kind and close-knit community, and everybody wants YOU to join. Add new articles - edit information - talk to others - learn new things! Those are some of the things you can do on the Scratch Programming Wiki. Everybody will help you, and will show you the ways of editing.
  4. Page #3: Once you create an account, you can start by adding your own avatar, and creating your own user page, all about yourself! Plus - we have a special offer. If you create an account before April 20 2010, and you comment on this project what account you made, when you make 5 edits, you'll get a love-it on your most recent project! =D
  5. Page #4: After all, many users have already joined. Here's a few: Lucario621 (Who's he?), Chrischb, Jonathanpb, Cheddargirl, Adriangl, Shadow 7283, Vista4563, RHY3756547, Archmage, TheSaint, BWOG, MahoAshley, The-Saint, Juiceybox, Mkolpnji, The-Whiz, Blade-Edge, Switenky, Fruit, Playwithfire, Kileymeister, and more! Why not join yourself?
  6. Page #5: ???
  7. Page #6: ???

So what should I put next?

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