One of my main goals, is to get more people to join :) Currently it's just Me, Chrischb, Jonathanpb, Adriangl5, and Shadow 7283. There used to be Mkolpnji, but he has some virus issues, so he's busy, and Fieryblackrose (Cheddargirl) isn't that active. So I've tried different ways. Firstly, I've mentioned on the forums. At different periods of time, I may have had a signature advertising the Scratch Wiki, and I have created a few threads to show it to others. But now I recognized the problem - the forums isn't enough. In general, very few users have even gone to the forums, or even posted, out of the whole scratch population. So I have to make a project about it!

So that's what I'm doing now =). I'm putting music, and putting information, and all of that cool stuff =P. I'll make another blog post about it later when I finish and upload it.

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