The area to be shift-clicked.

The Shift-Click-R Method - which was originally discovered by the user ScratchScripter - allows Scratchers to access the System Browser and edit its code. This method has been used to re-gain obsolete blocks and Mesh or to create new blocks.

Accessing the System BrowserEdit

1. Shift-click the R in the Scratch logo (look at the top left corner).

2. Click "Turn fill screen off".

3. Click the white area that appears.

4. Click open....

5. Click browser

6. The System Browser appears - this is where you can edit the code.

Easter eggsEdit

Under the new morph category, interesting things like "Tetris" and "FrameRateViewer" have been found. Note that the FrameRateViewer cannot be easily deleted — so it is recommended that if you plan to use it, you should not save.