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The Scratch Programming Wiki is a wiki started on December 6, 2008 based entirely on the programming language, Scratch, and its many features. There are currently 176 articles on the Scratch Programming Wiki.


Started in December of 2008 by LukeTek, the Scratch Programming Wiki's goal is to become a vast, knowledgeable source for all things of Scratch. As the site is a wiki, anybody can edit it, and all are encouraged to do so.

The Scratch Programming Wiki aims to be a helpful source for all types of scratchers, for help to new users, as well as a place to learn and share knowledge for more experienced users.

Wikis are often targets for vandalism because of the ability for it to be edited by anyone. However, the Scratch Programming Wiki is moderated by a number of administrators.

This wiki has grown quickly, gaining editors on a daily basis. It contains information to every block, and feature of Scratch, along with many techniques when making projects to help others.

How you can helpEdit

It is a good idea that users register an account, preferably their Scratch username. This way their IP address can be hidden from public view and they can become part of the community. It is recommended that your Scratch password is not used as your Wikia password.

If you see anything that needs changing - CHANGE IT! If you see bad grammar, spelling, punctuation, inaccuracies, incompleteness or anything else that needs doing, hit the edit button at the top of the page and correct it yourself.

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