Scratch 2.0 is the second major update of Scratch. It has more blocks, vector graphics, and a better way to make sprites. It is far better than Scratch 1.4.

Scratch 2.0's Project Creator

From 6 to 9 May 2013, the Scratch Team was re-designing the Scratch website.

As of 9 May 2013, Scratch 2.0 is the current version of Scratch and is also the version used in the online editor. Scratch 2.0 has more than 10 million projects than the previous versions (1.9 or less). The only way to get to the old Scratch is to get the Scratch 1.4 download. In Scratch 2.0, Scratch had the animation frame in the left side while in 1.9 or less, it had it at the right side. 


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