The shape of a Reporter Block

The shape of a Reporter Block.

A Reporter Block is a block that contains a value. These blocks can contain anything, from numbers to sentences.


As Reporter blocks are values, they are designed to fit wherever a value is needed. This can be anywhere: a lot of blocks have spaces in them for input, or Reporter blocks. An example:

Glide () Secs to X () Y ()

This block can easily be filled with Reporter blocks:

Glide (Costume -) Secs to X (X) Y (Y)


As Reporter Blocks are values, they are used whenever a script needs a certain value. These values can be anything - from X positions to the costume number of a sprite.

An example is below:

An example script for the use of Reporter blocks

Note how the Reporter block is used in the script - the script waits until the Reporter block's value reaches a certain point, and then it continues.

Reporter blocksEdit

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