Point Towards ()
Point towards
Category Motion
Type Stack

The Point Towards () block is a Motion Block and a Stack Block. The block points its sprite towards the mouse-pointer or another sprite - this changes the sprite's direction.

Behind the ScenesEdit

On the right is the formula Scratch uses for this block (interpreted with Scratch blocks):

Point Towards Background
  • x1 is the X position of the sprite
  • y1 is the Y position of the sprite
  • x2 is the X position of the sprite that it needs to point to
  • y2 is the Y position of the sprite that it needs to point to


The choices in the drop-down menu are:

  • mouse-pointer (the cursor)
  • all of the sprites


Common UsesEdit

As this block makes sprites point towards other sprites or the mouse-pointer, this block can be used in many ways - from having sprites chase each other to driving a sprite spaceship. Specifically, it can be used to:

  • Set a sprite to follow the mouse-pointer and point with it

Pointing towards the mouse-pointer

  • Point to a sprite and move a certain amount of steps to reach it

Directional sprite guidance and movement

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