Original by billybob mario

Pico attack is a game where you are Pico and you want to be the biggest.

Foods Edit

Picometre Edit

Proton 1 Picometre


Neutron 1 Picometre

Pico(you) 2 Picometres

Particle Police 7-20 Picometres

Helium 32 Picometres

Hydrogen 75 Picometres

Water Molecule 250 Picometres

Carbon 300 Picometres

Salt 300 Picometres

Nanometre Edit

Pico(you) 1 Nanometre

Glucose 1 Nanometre

Nano 2 Nanometres

Nano(Christmas) 3 Nanometres

Protein 4.5 Nanometres

Lipid 4.5 Nanometres

Antibody 12 Nanometres

Ribosome 25 Nanometres

Virus 100 Nanometres

Lysosome 300 Nanometres

Peroxisome 400 Nanometres

Micrometres Edit

Mitochondrion 1 Micrometre

Pico(you) 1 Micrometre

Golgi 1.5-2.9 Micrometres

Chloroplast 3.5 Micrometres

Smooth Endoplasmic 5 Micrometres

Rough Endoplasmic 7.8 Micrometres

Nucleus 9 Micrometres

Big Bacterium 10 Micrometres

Tiny Protist 10 Micrometres

Dead Cell 30 Micrometres

Attack Cell 75 Micrometres

Big Cell 350 Micrometres

Unknown Edit

Droplet ???


Remixes Edit

My Remixes Edit

Grey Goo Attack The Ultimate Alpha v whatever it is

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