Move () Steps
Move () Steps
Category Motion
Type Stack

The Move () Steps block is a Motion block and a Stack block. The block moves its sprite forward the specified amount of steps. The default form of the block is Move 10 Steps. This block is known for its general simplicity - it is one of the first blocks a Scratcher uses, and it is often used in tutorials for beginners.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The formula for this block is the following:

x + (\sin direction)\times input

along with

y + (\cos direction)\times input

This can be interpreted in Scratch with the following blocks:

Move () Steps Explained

Common UsesEdit

Considering this block has so many uses, with its great simplicity this block can be used in just about every project involving movement and direction.


To continuously move a sprite along its directional path, this script can be used.

Move () Steps Example 1

If wanted, the Point Towards () block with a mouse-pointer setting can be added to allow it to follow the mouse-pointer continuously.

Move () Steps Example 2

Note that the amount of steps can be changed to increase or decrease the speed.

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