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content deleted

​About content deletedEdit

He has videos that have crazy stuff

​About StudioEdit

  • 10100001
  • It goes crazy on the part where Scratch Cat says O1010010 and then it says something about Herobrine and about Futurama instead of the normal 403 error.
  • It's a binary name on another video.

The Picture Pt. 1 (stylized as The Picture with fancy and crooked letters) Edit

The Picture is a unfinished project that is scary.

Plot Edit

Scratch Cat says that this game may contain jumpscares or give you nightmares. Then everything is deleted and the BG is woods and Scratch Cat says that he has to go to the museum cause he has work to do so his boss tells him to take care of the picture cause it is crazy and creepy but then he looked at the news that there was a creepy painting missing. Then he looked at the painting and he screamed since it disaperred. It blacks out and shows the logo then credits. Then it says in Scratch font what Scratch Cat said.

Cancellation Edit

It was cancelled because it was a failure.

A picture of bad scratch Edit

nothing. just crazy scratch.

TP P2 (unabriviated and stylized as The Picture 2) Edit

TP P2 is a upcoming video in May 10th 2018.

Plot Edit


Trivia Edit

On February 2nd it is said that The Picture 2 is not coming out at all.