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Reporter BlockRobbie DaymondRobot Jones destroys Scratch: The Series (Robot Jones and RoboSplatt vs Slickaroo, Scratch: The Series and the fake Billy Timbers)
Say () (block)Say () for () Secs (block)Scratch
Scratch: The Series (2019)Scratch: The Series is not on Disney XD or Teletoon, not on premired on May 7 or 12, 2018. Because Scratch: The Series is a fake show!!.ScratchU8
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Size (value)Slickaroo was tricked me for making the fake Butch Hartman's show of fake 2018 show called Scratch: The Series!!. And Slickaroo's tricked me into the show of fraud!. Mr. Alexander, Emmett and Wydstyle are all hroes!! It was real heros.Sound
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