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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a data format based on the syntax for JavaScript object literals.[1]It is used to store Scratch projects. A project in Scratch 2.0 is actually a ZIP archive of the media and a file named "project.json," which contains the scripts.



{"key1": value1, "key2": value2, ... "keyn": "valuen"}


[item1, item2, ... itemn]

How to find the JSON file of a projectEdit

Simply put this in the URL bar of your browser: and replace "PROJECTID" with the id of the project to get the JSON file of.[2]

For instance, if one would want to get the JSON file of a project with the url "" they would replace "PROJECTID" with "123456789" resulting in ""

Example JSON fileEdit

Here is what the JSON file of a brand new project created in the online editor looks like:

 "objName": "Stage",
 "sounds": [{
   "soundName": "pop",
   "soundID": 1,
   "md5": "83a9787d4cb6f3b7632b4ddfebf74367.wav",
   "sampleCount": 258,
   "rate": 11025,
   "format": ""
 "costumes": [{
   "costumeName": "backdrop1",
   "baseLayerID": 2,
   "baseLayerMD5": "739b5e2a2435f6e1ec2993791b423146.png",
   "bitmapResolution": 1,
   "rotationCenterX": 240,
   "rotationCenterY": 180
 "currentCostumeIndex": 0,
 "penLayerMD5": "5c81a336fab8be57adc039a8a2b33ca9.png",
 "penLayerID": -1,
 "tempoBPM": 60,
 "videoAlpha": 0.5,
 "children": [{
   "objName": "Sprite1",
   "sounds": [{
     "soundName": "meow",
     "soundID": 0,
     "md5": "83c36d806dc92327b9e7049a565c6bff.wav",
     "sampleCount": 18688,
     "rate": 22050,
     "format": ""
   "costumes": [{
     "costumeName": "costume1",
     "baseLayerID": 0,
     "baseLayerMD5": "09dc888b0b7df19f70d81588ae73420e.svg",
     "bitmapResolution": 1,
     "rotationCenterX": 47,
     "rotationCenterY": 55
     "costumeName": "costume2",
     "baseLayerID": 1,
     "baseLayerMD5": "3696356a03a8d938318876a593572843.svg",
     "bitmapResolution": 1,
     "rotationCenterX": 47,
     "rotationCenterY": 55
   "currentCostumeIndex": 0,
   "scratchX": 0,
   "scratchY": 0,
   "scale": 1,
   "direction": 90,
   "rotationStyle": "normal",
   "isDraggable": false,
   "indexInLibrary": 1,
   "visible": true,
   "spriteInfo": {
 "info": {
  "flashVersion": "LNX 20,0,0,286",
  "swfVersion": "v443",
  "spriteCount": 1,
  "hasCloudData": false,
  "userAgent": "Mozilla\/5.0 (X11; CrOS x86_64 7647.73.0) AppleWebKit\/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome\/48.0.2564.92 Safari\/537.36",
  "scriptCount": 0,
  "videoOn": false