A Collaboration is essentially a group of Scratchers who collaborate on making projects. A collaboration may also sometimes be referred to as a "company" - this term comes from the idea that these groups of Scratchers exemplify a great amount of team work and dedication, with each Scratcher contributing and specializing in his or her own talent to the benefit of other team members, very much like way a real company operates.[1] In the official Scratch Blog, ScratchR andresmh describes collaborations as "[a] group of Scratchers that get together (virtually) to create collaborative projects", and mentions how collaborations on Scratch are an "interesting phenomena" occuring in the Scratch website.[2] Most companies/collaborations have their own logo, gallery, forum thread, and sometimes even motto. 2010 has been called "the year of the companies" by some users due to many companies/collaborations forming, possibly due to the Collaboration forum.[3][4]

What makes a good Scratch collaboration?Edit

A good Scratch collaboration requires teamwork and agreement. All participants need to know what is being done in order to make the collaboration successful. Progress should be rapid (but not rushed); if left for too long, participants can lose interest and greatly slow the project. Making a collaborative group is easy if the entire group is caught up. The Collaborations forum is useful for debates and discussions as well as galleries.



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