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Build Your Own Blocks
- or "BYOB" - is a modification of Scratch, made by the Scratch Team member Jens and user bharvey. It includes many new features - from building your own blocks to Mesh. The primary focus for this Scratch modification is first-class data. Version 4.0 was renamed to Snap!


Build Your Own Blocks contains many features not available in Scratch (without editing the code). The features are that users can:

  • Build their own blocks
  • Host and join Mesh sessions
  • Edit the elements of blocks
  • Nestable sprites
  • Compiler (makes a project into an .exe (application) file).
  • Scrolling enhancements
  • Undo (Scratch only contains "Undelete")

BYOB linksEdit

The Scratch Forums topic on BYOB can be found here.

The BYOB guide can be found here.

BYOB can be downloaded here.

The alpha test for 3.0 can be found here.


Jens's first modification was "Chirp", a program that

had improvements in Scratch . He then began to work on BYOB (a much bigger project), which has two versions: 1.0 (for Scratch 1.3) and 2.0 (for Scratch 1.4). 3.0 is currently being worked on - a trailer can be found here, and the alpha test can be found here.

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