A Boolean block is a block that is Rectanguler,dimond shape.only a Block that has a Hole shape like it can have a Booleon Block.

Boolean BlocksEdit

There's 10 Boolean Blocks in Scratch 1.4

Touching ()?-When the Sprite is touching another Sprite

Touching Color ()?-When The Sprite is touching a Color

Color () is Touching ()?-when a Color of the Sprite is Touching Another Color

Mouse Down?-When The Mouse is Down

Key () pressed?-When a Key (space) is pressed

Loud?-when a sound is loud

Sensor ()?-Unknown

[[()<()]]-when a Reporter Block or number is Smaller than the other

()=()-When a Reporter Block or number is Exactly the same as the other

[[()>()]]-When a Reporter Block or number is Bigger than the other

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